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Summary of October

Okay, i know it is 4 more days away till the end of the month.

BUT anyway i will just blog first.

Okay here we go

Summary of Events

VMware Virtualization Forum 2008, 16 October ’08

VMware delegate

VMware delegate



Buddy Herald flew off to Air Force School in Sydney, 18 October

SIM Pageant @ Zouk, 24 October

end of work with Sybase

Sybase namecard

Sybase namecard

Had a couple of Mnc Companies offering me from i would not want to include I think they should work more on how the other job recruiting web agencies interface works and how they keep job seekers inform.

One of the companies that offered me was Barclays. I am looking forward to  work in a bank environment  and i would most likely be able to apply  the industry best practise there if i am given an opportunity.

And my frank opinion about Sybase, they have poor physical security, anyone can just walk in and do a social engineering at the helpdesk and GUESS WHAT? They do have a bio-metric Door access Card issued to every employee BUT some employee are lazy to slide the card and key their pin in, so they usually stare at the Front Desk Lady to press the door button for them.

And having such event like this, would be easily infiltrated by someone who wishes to do a social engineering or rather profiling of company’s information by walking in and perform dumpster diving, plugging in to their network and fingerprint their network, indentity theft, talking about Art of Manipulation inlcudes the acquistion of sensitive information or inappropriate access privileges by an outsider, based on the building of inappropriate trust relationships, this ability to blend in is seriously a threat to the organisation, which i think they should look into it and do something about it. What i have concluded is that the people at sybase do not social much within the department and i could feel some sort of racist atmosphere over at sybase as compared to Sybase 365, i can say that at Sybase 365, the people there are much friendly and easily approachable and lastly they both have a relax enivornment pantry and yes i did enjoy myself over at sybase serving important delegate and sharing with them on the insights Security, and it was a pleasure to meet legendary John Chen CEO of Sybase, who was a student of Brown University. I admire how he build Sybase up. He was here for the CEO submit 2008, another person is Marty J, Beard CEO of Sybase 365.

and yes, i will talk about Industry best practise in the next post and asia’s tech news.  read next post.


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