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Beyond the Golden Rule

I am going to talk about EQ or Emotional Intelligence. We discussed the aspects of EQ, what they mean and how we can become stronger in each of these areas. One of the components we discussed is empathy:
Empathy – The empathetic individual is able to understand the emotions of others and also learns to treat them as they wish to be treated.

I realized the concept of empathy ties to another concept I have discussed – ‘Going Beyond the Golden Rule.’ The golden rule is often expressed as ‘Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.’ The golden rule is recognized across many religions and cultures, and is also referred to as ‘The Ethics of Reciprocity’. It is an understatement to note that the golden rule is a terrific model for how to treat others.

But to be empathetic you need to move beyond what you would want and move toward what someone else wants. To be empathetic is not about you it is about the other person.

Consider this story:
Sally planned a big surprise party for Jim. It was his tenth anniversary as a senior developer at Acme Software Company. Sally saw this as the perfect opportunity to recognize Jim. Jim was never in the spotlight and yet he was consistently a strong project team member. Sally was one year away from her fifth anniversary as a project manager with the company and she could not wait for her celebration!
Stop right here. You can see Sally’s frame of reference can’t you? She is looking forward to a big celebration for her anniversary. We don’t know what Jim wants.

The day of the party things did not go well. Jim was completely unsuspecting as he walked into a room full of people yelling ‘Surprise’ and ‘Congratulations Jim’. There were several people in the room. Jim could not wait to make his exit. He was horribly embarrassed and left the room as soon as possible.

Sally was crushed by Jim’s reaction and a bit angry. She could not believe that Jim did not appreciate her efforts. After all, she would have loved it if the team had thrown her a surprise party.

What went wrong?

Again, Sally was thinking about what she wanted NOT about Jim. Her intentions were good, but her actions did not demonstrate empathy. Sally needs to get to know Jim and understand his motivators. If Sally had gotten to know Jim she would have recognized that he is quiet and shuns the spotlight. He hates to be the center of attention.
Empathy is not throwing a big loud surprise party for Jim. A card or an e-mail or low-key private verbal recognition would have been perfect for Jim.

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UK Jail Time For NASA Hacker?

20 British MPs have tabled a motion calling for NASA hacker Gary McKinnon to serve any jail time in the UK, not the US.

Hacker Gary McKinnon is facing extradition from the UK to the US for breaking into a number of US military networks – NASA, the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense.

He’s exhausted a number of appeals, including the European Court of Human Rights, and is currently awaiting a decision by the Home Secretary on when the extradition process will begin. If he’s convicted in the US, he potentially faces decades in jail and millions of dollars in fines, the BBC reports.

However, there might be a ray of hope: 20 British MPs have signed an Early Day Motion calling for McKinnon to serve any sentence imposed in a British jail. It’s not without precedent, as both Holland and Israel routinely request that nationals with medical or mental problems are repatriated to serve their sentences. McKinnon has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Home Secretary has been urged not to allow extradition to begin until she has received an assurance that McKinnon will be allowed to serve his sentence in Britain.

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The Addictionary is a site for word lovers and those who like to see our beloved English language grow in serious or humorous ways. We built the Addictionary to empower word-play and to help lovers of word-play showcase and market their cleverness and creativity to the world. Every feature in the site tries to keep that in mind. Let us know if you have suggestions in that regard.

They launched the Addictionary in 2006 and continue to add features as more and more users come aboard. Check out the Contest Corner, where you can establish your own word-creation competition in your work place, club or family; and the recently added TOBAW (“There Oughta Be A Word”) feature–how clever are you, really? 😉

The Addictionary is owned and operated by SpectrumDNA, Inc., a company based in Park City, Utah; and staffed by snowflakes who manage to get work done in between living a perfect life.

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How to view USA Content video or view as if you are in USA?

Ever came across such content like the pictures below that are not available in your country?




well now you can view them with this new program named Hotspot Shield by Anchor Free.

Hotspot Shield

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hss-logoAfter installing it, you can simply view content that requires you to be in that country like the above pictures example.


WARCRAFT III and all other GAMES

If you are in singapore, and wishes to join USA GAMES IN WARCRAFT III DOTA (defense of the ancient)

afraid of being check by host’s banlist and appear as Nickname(SG) ? well now you don’t have to be afraid when Hotspot Shield will show your ip address as Nickname(US)/Nickname(CA) depending on what IP address does Hotspot Shield lease to you.

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Side effects of Lauracraft Game

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