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5 reasons you should use Joomla instead of WordPress

Joomla 5 reasons you should use Joomla instead of WordPresswordpress logoSince the SXSW showdown in March of 2009, it seems the beat of the fans drums of Joomla, WordPress and Drupal has been getting louder. I don’t know if its my imagination, but I have seen more and more blog posts about comparing thee three great open sourceplatforms.

Or maybe bloggers know people are searching and just want to get traffic for joomla vs wordpress vs drupal

Anyway, I digress…

A while back I did a post How to choose between Joomla, WordPress and Drupal that got a lot of interest, but it wasn’t too serious, and really, I ducked the question.

So here goes…

5 reasons you should use joomla instead of WordPress

Wait… before I start, I should say, yes, I do have a blog. A WordPress blog in fact, that I post diatribes about being a parent of 3 young boys. I like WordPress, its easy to use, and looks great for a blog (Joomla… did you note the comment about easy to use?)

1. You need more than a blog

WordPress fans will poke you in the eye and kick you in the shins if you say it, but WordPress is a blogging platform. There is a reason 800 (or some crazy number) blogs are started every day at Its really easy to set up a good looking blog out of the box and start blogging.

Joomla turns that on its head. Joomla is a CONTENT management system. Sure, you can use it for read more-type articles (that’s a blog), but it will manage your PDF’s, videos, images. Whatever web content you need to organize.

2. More diverse extensions

If you look at the number of 3rd party extensions available for WordPress and Joomla, there is a similar number, about 4000 or so. I am going to suggest though, that the selection in the Joomla-verse is a lot wider. Shopping carts, yes we have that. Directories? Tickets systems? Yes, got you covered. We even take care of your lacrosse league or woman’s menstrual cycle needs (though probably not at the same time)

3. More powerful

Another area where the WordPress fans will start waving that pointed stick at you is to start talking about power. They’ll say that WordPress is more than a blogging platform, its now a fully grown CMS.

I still can’t see this to be the case. Looking across the landscape and you’ll see Fortune 500’s, huge NGO’s, government organizations and big community sites using Joomla.

I have yet to stumble across a company that’s listed on the NYSE that’s running its corporate website on WordPress.

4. More sophisticated templating

My day job is running a company that makes Joomla templates. I wrote the original how to on templating for Joomla. I think I speak from a bit of authority here when I say that templating with Joomla is very very powerful.

When it comes down to it, WordPress and Joomla are a bunch of pseudo php includes to squirt database content into your webpage, but Joomla’s is so much more powerful. This ain’t your momma’s blog.

5. Its easier to customize

This is somewhat of a catch all reason, but its important to realize how much more diverse Joomla webistes can be. Its a combination of the diverse extensions/plugins, the templating and the power. When you look at the SXSW CMS smackdown, there is a big elephant in the middle of the room.

All three platforms achieved sites that looked and functioned virtually identical. But the Joomla entry had took 63% of the time to complete than WordPress (72% of Drupal), and 2%, yes 2%, of the amount of custom code needed.

6. Its not Drupal

(ok.. that was a 6th)*

Yes, this article is pure link bait. Please do the decent thing and link to it appropriately using the words, Joomla, WordPress and/or Drupal.

*I think Drupal is great. I’d probably like it more than Joomla. Unfortunately, I don’t know much PHP so I’ll have to stick with Joomla**

**Yes, that was also linkbait


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