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MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows 2003)

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Administrator (2.0)

CWNP Certified Wireless Network Professional

CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional

J2ME — Sun Microsystems Module Certified in Essentials of Sun Java

CEH — Certified Ethical Hacking

Shaun is a cofounder of Curtier, and is recognized as a leader in Software Security and corporate turnarounds. He is responsible for leading teams involved in delivering high availability, wireless, intrusion detection, compliance management and policy compliance.

He had previously held various positions at Ernst & Young, Sybase, EDS and NCS. During his tenure at EDS, he was involved in the Standard Operation Environment (SOE) project with the Singapore government, where he was involved in the Network Security Architecture segments.

Shaun has attained various industry certification including, CISSP, CEH, CWSP, CWNA, CWAP, CCNA, Security +, Network + and A+.

Shaun Stanislaus Lau was an event organiser with

The YouthEmpire since 2006 which was Officially Launched on the

30th May 2006 at The Ministry Of Sound by Empress Calpurnia Soong IV, a rich and influential lady in Today’s Singapore who had a vision for the Youths and thus created The YouthEmpire as possibly the 1st Registered Youth Corporate Company in Singapore distinguishing itself above the other youth associations. Having an interest in the Youths of Today’s Society, Empress Calpurnia Soong IV ordered the creation of The YouthEmpire to aid the Youths forward in their endeavours to materialize and physicalize the IDEAS that these youths have.

Shaun has learn alot from the people at youth empire, especially Weking and Althea themselves and had contributed a number of ideas that is out of the box.

Shaun has been doing a couple of small and big scale event among clubs in Singapore and was interviewed by The Newpaper for a couple of event ever since he found that night life industry was part of his passion and sees a demand in youth clubbing as well as it is a good entertainment industry to meet new people and he love socializing and foster a good relationship with the youth and young adult and he love meeting new people.

Shaun was also appointed a founder of nEbO  by Mr. Lim Eng Lee, CEO of NTUC Club. Mr Lim reports directly to minister Lim Swee Say who is the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore and the Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress. He is an elected Member of Parliament for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. His past ministerial portfolio includes being Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology and Minister of State for Trade and Industry.

Shaun is  in charge of Entertainment, Game and Lifestyle Communities in nEbO.

Apart from Nightlife Industry, Shaun is also a IT Tech-Savvy blogger @ , but recently shifted to, in wired and wireless Networking as well as Information Security and often blog about it,  he studied wireless and mobile communication at Temasek Polytechnic and has attended an number of seminars and courses and obtain a number of certified certs namely; Cisco Certified Network Administrator, Certified Wireless Security Professional,  Sun Microsystems Module Certificate in Essential of Sun Java and has knowledge in Virtualization, Microsoft Window Server 2000, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Window XP Professional/Home, Linux Red Hat

He was working at A&L Computer Engineering Pte Ltd and later left when his contracted ended and he later joined  NCS and was posted to Singapore Information Checkpoint Authority (ICA) to work.

He also held Singapore‘s first mega bazaar for online entrepreneurs! event name The E-biz Exhibition and gave talk on how to shop safely and create an online shop safely at The Singapore Management University on 25th and 26th July. The e-biz Exhibition was the FIRST major event that aims to provide a physical platform for online entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products while allowing the youth and public community to find out more about how to shop online safely. Besides featuring 30-40 online retailers and their unique offerings, it will also be hosting interesting and relevant talks by prominent members of our local entrepreneurial and youth community. For more information you can visit


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