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The Action Script Conference 09

It was a eye opening event at TAC at One Marina Bolervard. Had dinner with the speakers on the last day at Alex’s office, at Central on top in the evening. An open breeze chill out enviroment outside their office and the food was good as well as the beer.

On the sideline, we were each given a gift which was a headset cum microphone for skype and it is skype #1 product

heres a picture of it

After that we chill out and had our dinner and the interview of the speakers were done in the office. stay tune to


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How to view USA Content video or view as if you are in USA?

Ever came across such content like the pictures below that are not available in your country?




well now you can view them with this new program named Hotspot Shield by Anchor Free.

Hotspot Shield

Be secure and anonymous while being connected to the Net – because you never know who’s watching you!

  • Hide your IP while you’re on-line
  • Access all content without censorship; bypass firewalls
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices and ISP hubs.

hss-logoAfter installing it, you can simply view content that requires you to be in that country like the above pictures example.


WARCRAFT III and all other GAMES

If you are in singapore, and wishes to join USA GAMES IN WARCRAFT III DOTA (defense of the ancient)

afraid of being check by host’s banlist and appear as Nickname(SG) ? well now you don’t have to be afraid when Hotspot Shield will show your ip address as Nickname(US)/Nickname(CA) depending on what IP address does Hotspot Shield lease to you.

Download Hotspot Shield

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